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Jessica 2 days ago

Smoked Bologna

Everything about Lady Jaye is amazing. They have great cocktails and great food. One of my favorites that I've been back for multiple times is the bologna sandwich. Who knew bologna could taste so good?! I highly recommend it!

Cecily 8 days ago

Bourbon Crusta

We had a great time. Came just for drinks and I really enjoyed it - I love a spirit forward cocktail & that's what I got! I have long wished for a great cocktail bar in WS and my dreams have come true! Service was also great, regrettably did not get the bartender's name but he was very charismatic and pleasant. 10/10 will drink again!

Spshorr 13 days ago

Guns N' Rosemary

Love this drink! Refreshing, not too sweet, and awesome rosemary salt around the rim. The names of the cocktails are so fun. Great first experience at Lady Jaye this weekend. Will definitely return in the future!

Jesse 16 days ago

Shaved Summer Squash

How can thin summer squash be so good! The light lemony flavor with the slight snap of the vegetables paired with the smooth manchego will make you not mad at all about choosing the vegetable on this (delicious) meat heavy menu. Go for it!

Iansdavis 19 days ago

Smoked Bologna

A unique and delicious new restaurant! All the food was well done and delicious. Not to mention the patio is great which is a hard thing to find in the WS junction

Jsao 21 days ago

Garlic Prawns

New Orleans ain't got nothing on this (Denzel Washington voice)

Scottcswan 22 days ago

Shaved Summer Squash

The squash salad is so good!

Melissacord16 26 days ago

Fried Pork Cakes

Delicious! Don't change a thing on this item.

Ghrickel 29 days ago

Forever Smoked Turkey Drum

Dudes and Dudettes. Think of the best turkey drum you have ever had. You might find it hard because they are often dry. Tasteless. Lady Jayes is AMAZING. Moist. The best I have ever had. This thing is magic!! Will be eating this often!!!

Weekskylelee about 1 month ago

Butter Lettuce

Simple, yet so delicious!

Jenn about 1 month ago

Twice Fried Chicken Wangs

Sticky and fab. Crustless, but plenty of crispy bits at the ends of the wings. Meaty, hot, and topped with the most wicked teriyaki sauce, with bourbon sweetness. Get in there and get messy!

Jess about 1 month ago

Garlic Prawns

Wow, just wow. Such a smokey flavor exposion. From the perfectly cooked prawns to the smokey andouille and chicken that added little bits of texture. And the then the smoked tomato sauce that it took all of my being not to lick off the plate!

Cgillenwaters76 7 days ago

Garlic Prawns

Again! Tyler,Sarah the chefa and bartenders are is spot on for, what i this is seattle bbq..keep that shit comg guys!!

Suzanflanders 9 days ago

Garlic Prawns

Had our Girls night out here and everything was fabulous! The food was delicious and so were the cocktails, well seasoned bursting with flavor. Portion sizes were generous and prices were very reasonable. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for the place with great food and drinks in West Seattle

Johnbrosnan 16 days ago

Bourbon Crusta

You guys are a welcome addition to the junction. Great staff, great service, and great flavors. We like hanging out with you.

Gregvierling 17 days ago

The Big Peasy

The Big Peasy is one of the more unique cocktails I've had in awhile and it's fabulous! Stopped in for a happy hour drink and am excited to come back and try all the wonderful looking food. Also love the decor inside and props on the framed Beyoncé photo!

Klhedberg 19 days ago

Smoked Bologna

The smoked bologna sandwich changed my life. It now enters my dreams. It is a craving I didn't expect. It's everything. West Seattle is my home and the home of the best bologna sandwich ever.

Jsao 21 days ago

Smoked Bologna

My bologna has a first name, it's l-a-d-y. Smoked bologna is a game changer. Delicious!

Jess 24 days ago

Smoked Mushroom Dip

yahm. I would spread this on everything if I could. We were licking the bowl clean at the end.

Cgillenwaters76 28 days ago

Pork Cheek Mac and Cheese

Tyler has come up with some amazing dishes in his new venture. All the food is amazing and perfectly executed. All i can say is wow, if this guy catches his stride there is no holding this mf back!!

Tamarachakos about 1 month ago

Smoked Bologna

So many good items it's hard to choose my favorite! The bologna sandwich maybe one of the most surprising delicious sandwiches I've ever tried!

Brandimcclellan84 about 1 month ago

Forever Smoked Turkey Drum

The smoked turkey drum and fried pork cakes were TO.DIE.FOR!!! The dirty rice was also amazing! The service has always been so friendly and attentive, and we love that your restaurant is baby friendly with changing tables in both the ladies AND mens rooms. WIN!! As new parents, it's so nice to get out for great food and drinks in the neighborhood. We've been twice in the last few weeks and can't wait to come back many more times in the future. Thank you!

Jenn about 1 month ago

Pork Cheek Mac and Cheese

Oh. Damn. Plate of perfect creamy smoky, saucy pork cheeks that disintegrate at the touch of a fork, nestled in abed of creamy, slightly stretchy Mac-n-cheese, with a mound of fresh arugula to add some snap and pepper to the plate. Best comfort food, great staff, very cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Ghansen754 about 1 month ago

Pork Cheek Mac and Cheese

Delicious! Perfect Mac and Cheese with tender juicy, flavorful pork cheeks. I could not finish my dish and heated it up the next day. It was still just as good. Normally, mac and cheese does not heat up well. Not true with this one. Thanks for a wonderful meal. We also had shrimp and dirty rice. It was great too. Both are a keeper.


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