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Tgmielke 13 days ago

Mac & Cheese

The Mac and Cheese hit the spot! It was rich and creamy and the perfect side to some chicken wings we had as some lighter fare with cocktails. Next time I think I will try the entre version.

Ajparsek 28 days ago

Broken Potatoes

I am a potato fanatic and the broken potatoes were hands down some of the best I have had. Served hot and with a perfect texture - I always make my table order their own because I am not sharing!

Illcease8 about 1 month ago

Fried Pork Cakes

Love the crisp and tender textures. The perfect amount of smokiness. The Carolina Gold mustard really sets off the flavors.

Marit about 1 month ago

Shrimp & Grits

Best I've ever had! Flavorful Aniston Mills grits were silky and had just the right chew. Shrimp were tender and full of the sea. Sipped on my friends Vesper, a truly elevated drink. Be back soon!

Rayven723 about 2 months ago

Smoked Bologna

Lady Jaye, I think I'm in love. I've been desperately waiting for someone like you to come to West Seattle. I'm little scared about falling for you. I've been hurt before. I find something I like and next thing you know they close and leave. Anyway, I'm hoping you will be different because the bologna sandwich and prawns with dirty rice was so frickin amazing. I can't wait to enjoy your whiskey and brunch.

Buy about 2 months ago

Fried Pork Cakes

The fried pork cakes were absolute perfection. Crunchy outer shell and tender pork inside. I also loved the Egg Scramwich. The softly scrambled eggs with thick sliced bacon and cheese really hits a home run in my books for a perfect brunch sandwich.

Alexauerbach10 about 2 months ago

Pork Cheek Mac and Cheese

Delicious. Something you must try!

Sarah 2 months ago

G. Rye Joe

This is my perfect cocktail - just bitter enough from the Fernet but balanced enough by the other ingredients. Delicious!

Jesse 2 months ago

Smoked Bologna

Wow! Delicious food and great drinks. What an amazing addition to West Seattle.

Jessica 2 months ago

Smoked Bologna

Everything about Lady Jaye is amazing. They have great cocktails and great food. One of my favorites that I've been back for multiple times is the bologna sandwich. Who knew bologna could taste so good?! I highly recommend it!

Cecily 2 months ago

Bourbon Crusta

We had a great time. Came just for drinks and I really enjoyed it - I love a spirit forward cocktail & that's what I got! I have long wished for a great cocktail bar in WS and my dreams have come true! Service was also great, regrettably did not get the bartender's name but he was very charismatic and pleasant. 10/10 will drink again!

Spshorr 3 months ago

Guns N' Rosemary

Love this drink! Refreshing, not too sweet, and awesome rosemary salt around the rim. The names of the cocktails are so fun. Great first experience at Lady Jaye this weekend. Will definitely return in the future!

Jesse 3 months ago

Shaved Summer Squash

How can thin summer squash be so good! The light lemony flavor with the slight snap of the vegetables paired with the smooth manchego will make you not mad at all about choosing the vegetable on this (delicious) meat heavy menu. Go for it!

Iansdavis 3 months ago

Smoked Bologna

A unique and delicious new restaurant! All the food was well done and delicious. Not to mention the patio is great which is a hard thing to find in the WS junction

Jsao 3 months ago

Garlic Prawns

New Orleans ain't got nothing on this (Denzel Washington voice)

Scottcswan 3 months ago

Shaved Summer Squash

The squash salad is so good!

Melissacord16 3 months ago

Fried Pork Cakes

Delicious! Don't change a thing on this item.

Ghrickel 3 months ago

Forever Smoked Turkey Drum

Dudes and Dudettes. Think of the best turkey drum you have ever had. You might find it hard because they are often dry. Tasteless. Lady Jayes is AMAZING. Moist. The best I have ever had. This thing is magic!! Will be eating this often!!!

Weekskylelee 3 months ago

Butter Lettuce

Simple, yet so delicious!

Jennflock 25 days ago

Burrata Cheese

After 20 years, Lady Jayes has knocked Jaks grill off the top of my favorite restaurant list. It's hard to settle on one dish to review but the burrata is definitely my favorite even though I was skeptical at first. Hot beans with cold cheese? No thanks! BUT oh my gosh! After the first bite of creamy salty goodness, it's yes please!! Then there's the pork cakes and the mushroom dip with house made chips!! Soooo deelishus. I'm not usually a fan of crazy cocktails but I love have they pull together a bunch of interesting ingredients and make it work. I have to have a Strawberry Manilow every time I go. I love the ambiance. The lighting, decor and music make it a place I could hang out all day. It's so comfortable and welcoming. The staff are hands down my favorite part. They are so excited about their product and even more excited to share it with you and it shows. Everyone I have talked to has been so gracious and humble. I look forward to every time I get to go. Hmmmm maybe brunch on Sunday???

Tahtay 28 days ago

Garlic Prawns

I live in Yakima, WA and visit Seattle quite often for work & play. Always trying new places...and I loved everything about Lady Jaye! Friendly & upbeat vibe, good music but not too loud so you could still converse, and the staff were awesome. Began with the Burrata Cheese starter...yum! Then Garlic Prawns...was surprised by how much the smoked chicken added...double yum! Lady Jaye's has some great twists on old favorites that actually TASTE DELICIOUS (as opposed to some places that are trying to hard just to be different and ended up with some weird flavors). You're going to want to try whatever Lady Jaye's is smoking, because it's smoking hot! I'll be back.

Liesh about 1 month ago

Pork Collar Pastrami Plate

Pork Collar Pastrami Plate (Deconstructed Reuben) is the perfect sharable for 2! Add the Butter Lettuce salad and one dessert (they're all good!) and you can't go wrong. Cocktails are great too! Welcome to the neighborhood, Lady Jaye! We so needed you!

Tara about 1 month ago

Smoked Bologna

We came by for some snacks After a party. The late night menu was limited but everything was delicious. Like REALLY. And the service was fantastic. We decided to be daring and share the bologna sandwich, because If someone thought bologna would be good enough to be on a menu, it has to be great, right? Well, it was the shining star.

Laura about 2 months ago

Garlic Prawns

TO DIE FOR! We will be back weekly for this plate.

Kmbrlypham about 2 months ago

Twice Fried Chicken Wangs

Walking into this place is like home. Lady Jaye provided an incredible atmosphere fulfilled the feelings of comfortableness , relaxation and cozyness. Their staffs are friendly and very attentive. Drinks and food are deliciously yummy. Lots of options on their menu and very unique cocktail list. We love the fried chicken wings here. Definitely will come back for more soon.

Crouchcc3 about 2 months ago

Strawberry Manilow

Who doesn't want a little sweet and a little spicy! This drink hits your tastebuds and kicks off what will be sure to be a fun night. Been hunting for a great drink with some heat and this is it!

Callthemr 2 months ago

Smoked Old Fashioned

We really enjoyed the food and drinks today when we went for brunch. I will be back!

Cdan198 2 months ago

Forever Smoked Turkey Drum

This must be what angels eat in heaven. It's absolutely delicious!

Cgillenwaters76 2 months ago

Garlic Prawns

Again! Tyler,Sarah the chefa and bartenders are is spot on for, what i this is seattle bbq..keep that shit comg guys!!

Suzanflanders 2 months ago

Garlic Prawns

Had our Girls night out here and everything was fabulous! The food was delicious and so were the cocktails, well seasoned bursting with flavor. Portion sizes were generous and prices were very reasonable. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for the place with great food and drinks in West Seattle

Johnbrosnan 3 months ago

Bourbon Crusta

You guys are a welcome addition to the junction. Great staff, great service, and great flavors. We like hanging out with you.

Gregvierling 3 months ago

The Big Peasy

The Big Peasy is one of the more unique cocktails I've had in awhile and it's fabulous! Stopped in for a happy hour drink and am excited to come back and try all the wonderful looking food. Also love the decor inside and props on the framed Beyoncé photo!

Klhedberg 3 months ago

Smoked Bologna

The smoked bologna sandwich changed my life. It now enters my dreams. It is a craving I didn't expect. It's everything. West Seattle is my home and the home of the best bologna sandwich ever.

Jsao 3 months ago

Smoked Bologna

My bologna has a first name, it's l-a-d-y. Smoked bologna is a game changer. Delicious!

Jess 3 months ago

Smoked Mushroom Dip

yahm. I would spread this on everything if I could. We were licking the bowl clean at the end.

Cgillenwaters76 3 months ago

Pork Cheek Mac and Cheese

Tyler has come up with some amazing dishes in his new venture. All the food is amazing and perfectly executed. All i can say is wow, if this guy catches his stride there is no holding this mf back!!

Tamarachakos 3 months ago

Smoked Bologna

So many good items it's hard to choose my favorite! The bologna sandwich maybe one of the most surprising delicious sandwiches I've ever tried!


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