What is a Reverse Sear? (With a TOMAHAWK Ribeye)

The purpose of the reverse sear is to cook the meat from the inside -> out, "reverse" from the normal outside -> in. Its best executed with a smoker but you can always cook it in your oven if you don't have the luxury of having a 2000lb smoker on your back patio.

  • Rub your meat! Chefs prefer salt, pepper (and if feeling fancy: onion & garlic powder but keep it simple if using a great piece of meat.)
  • Smoke/cook on low temp (slow & low) until internal temp is 130-135 degrees, or Med-Rare. Be patient, you wont be able to cook slow and low if dinner needs to be done in 40 mins.
  • Get your pan/grill/griddle or coals piping hot so you can place the meat on it and "sear" to form an outer crust. (Now would be a good time to use that beef tallow in the pan, or olive oil)
  • Take out of pan or off the flame when you reach the outer crust you desire. (Roughly 2 mins depending on the type of meat)

*The reverse sear has the same principles as sous vide, cooking evenly from the inside out.