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Meat N' Three..... Lady Jaye Style menu July 8th-12th

Choose 1 Entree & 3 Sides for $25

Entrees: (Choose 1)
1. Smoked Bologna Sandwich: House smoked bologna, dill pickle slaw, potato chip, spicy mustard, white bread bun
2. Prime Bulgogi Short Rib Melt: Prime bulgogi short rib melt with pickled radish & carrots, spicy mayo, brioche roll
3. Cornmeal-Old Bay Crusted Fried White Prawns: 1/2 dozen large white prawns in our house crispy cornmeal dredge, served with dill tartar

Or choose a daily special entree:

Wednesday: ½ Smoked BBQ Chicken ($25 w/ 3 sides) (SOLD OUT)

Thursday: Pure Country Pork Belly Burnt Ends ($25 w/ 3 sides) (SOLD OUT)

Friday: Smoked Filet Mignon ($35 w/ 3 sides)

Saturday: Pork Shortribs ($25 w/ 3 sides)

Sunday: ½ lb Smoked Burgers ($25 w/ 3 sides)

Sides: (Choose 3)
1. Smoked Jalapeno Kale Caesar: garlic croutons, grana, carrots and cabbage
2. 10 Vegetable Vinegar Slaw: whole grain mustard and honey
3. Watermelon & Tomato Salad: mama lils puree, basil, feta, aleppo pepper
4. Shoe String Fries w/ Vinegar & Dill
5. Baked Odds & Ends Black Eyed Peas: with all the smoker bits, pieces, debris and deliciousness (NOT VEG)
6. Yukon Gold Horseradish Potato Salad: w/ loads of herbs and cider vinegar
7. Fried Shishito Peppers w/ Sea Salt & Smokey Yogurt

Take out Cocktails!

These cocktails are chilled, diluted and ready to serve! (Each order is 3 servings)

Straw-Barry Manilow: Tequila, Lustau vermut, rose, Lustau fino sherry, spicy strawberry, lime: $25
Campar-garita: Tequila, Cointreau, Campari, lime: $25
Guns N' Rosemary: Gin Aperol, Cynar, lime grapefruit, rosemary: $25
Bourbon Crusta: Old Forester bourbon, Cointreau, lemon, absinthe: $25
Smoked Old Fashioned: Smoked Dickel Rye, demerara, orange & angostura bitters: $35
G Rye Joe: Rittenhouse Rye, Meletti Amaro, Fernet Branca, orange bitters: $30
Strawberry Lemondrop: Mischief vodka, strawberry-orange reduction, Cointreau: $25
Black Walnut Vesper: Bombay dry gin, Mischief vodka, kina l'aero, black walnut bitters: $30

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